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, online part-time typist: This is one of the oldest Wangzhuan scam, a few years ago is very rampant now some, liar is still in use, and some stately advertising at sh419, said the 10000 words is 100 yuan, and paid 50% of the salary of this project, you need not think, 10000 words 1000 yuan what it means, means that the 1000 word 100 yuan, you will know this just is definitely a hoax. Some of these crooks allows you to enter the mobile phone verification code calls you to cheat you, have to pay a deposit of 100 yuan, you pay the deposit and let you pay the deposit is several hundred yuan, later or should you sign a contract to pay, until you find cheated so far. Like the same newspaper personals scam.

believes that many people are interested in the topic of the title. In the Internet world, I know a lot of netizens who want to get rich quickly and want to make a lot of money quickly. A lot of people ask me, "you do this worry free wealth nets, can you make money?" here, I want to emphasize a point: there is no money making industry, only those who do not make money. Earn no money and do what the industry has nothing to do with

three, sell sell tutorial tutorial: money is a lie between Wangzhuan project and real projects, the author has sold a tutorial, 10 yuan a set is also very valuable, but some people under the guise of the name of the tutorial is to sell a lie, how good, into the hundreds, that is very exaggerated, I see hundreds of days into the day into a few dollars, these crooks mostly let you first pay after delivery, so you get a tutorial see no value gandengyan. There are very few in the Taobao deal, Taobao trading arguably should be very safe, but he asks you to confirm the evaluation will give you the password, is that you find the tutorial without value, Taobao will not be for the rights of your waiter. Because you confirm the evaluation.

according to statistics, the last 3 months, the domestic CN domain name dropped by about 3000000 compared to the same period. That is to say, now do grassroots webmaster less and less. Many webmaster friends have changed careers. On the one hand, the grassroots webmaster situation is getting more and more difficult. On the other hand, is also described, the website industry competition is relatively small? Just like last year the price of meat, a starting price is high, then the flu, pork prices. Later, the rise in meat prices, then, to the end of the year, pork is saturated, do not sell out. In the middle, some people have caught the law of market change and made a lot of money. Some people only know to follow the trend, and the result is that they are not recognized by the family. Who can blame this? Can it be defined simply that the aquaculture industry will not make money in the future, or that the aquaculture industry can make a lot of money?

project Wangzhuan variety, it is a good project for dragons and fishes jumbled together, your monthly income of tens of thousands, and some projects to let you lose everything, everything is most project Wangzhuan scam, it is false, the purpose is to cheat your money, the project is not to earn money, but people earn your money. Here are some common Wangzhuan scam.

four, investment money: this project mostly lie some low cultural level, low quality of the Internet people will just learned. Claims to have billions of dollars of investment company, invested hundreds of excellent companies, there have been dozens of listed stocks, as some say the same scam Wangzhuan then you invest 1000 as if it were raining flowers, one day, I give you a hundred dollars bonus, and the support line, you developed a line I give you 30% Commission, you send money after they disappeared, or with you for a few days, until his money almost playing missing. Just like in reality "

has a very interesting word for all of the friends who read this article: there are two kinds of people in the world, 20% of them earn more money by neck, and 80% make money with the neck. It’s up to you to decide which class you belong to. So, please don’t ask me what the industry is the most profitable, do what website most profitable? Anyone earns big money behind, there is a process of paying. Don’t see others make money more jealous, do not blindly follow the trend. First ask your heart, find your own starting point, and make your own plan, is the most important. Others can draw on the road to prosperity, but must not copy. Under the market economy, any profession tends to be saturated. To innovate from saturation and tap opportunities without saturation is the best choice for the road of entrepreneurship today.

two, s.s.c; s.s.c expert is always color agent, whether you buy a lottery or whether he will make money, just like you in the lottery stations to buy lottery tickets, but only one is to buy online, is a street station to buy lottery tickets. Their propaganda is playing online advertising or group of people. Also known as day into the hundreds, not make compensation package, in fact, is a scam. You lose his responsibility at all, the police station and some other countries department is not the tube, in the end it is you yourself knocked out teeth pharynx to the stomach.

a successful man has said, "where is your time, and your success lies in it.". This sentence tells us, want to succeed, want to make money, need a lot of action. We all understand, but what about it? How many people lack the will to persist?. For example, to do website, I think a lot of people on sh419 asked, what kind of Web site to make the most money, search results will often not solve your actual problems. Because any type of Web site, you need to pay a lot of webmaster. Original, update, publicity of this series of movements, one can not be less. And the vast number of webmaster only a moment of enthusiasm, it is difficult to continue to do the site.

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