Love is whether Shanghai will disrupt your update rule

original and pseudo original article is very good, never told you webmaster to save map and to collect the mass copy other web content, otherwise the consequences you know. If each article on a web site can make readers, can go home owners or network owners of the feeble, so we can say, the development potential of the site must be very good. High quality article is the webmaster have to write, this is not just a basic website and included weight, improve the user experience is also an essential part of. The most important, high quality articles written to text words, that I don’t need to tell you know! Of course, our webmaster friends may not so sometimes to write the article, then pseudo original (end rewriting, middle order) is another major magic weapon. There is a need to pay attention to the update of the degree, updated regularly, remember the first rule is that the spider can eat, but never enough to eat.

1. to update


love Shanghai update includes included snapshot, date, keyword ranking, a lot of Shanghai dragon will focus on these, including the author. Experienced the love of Shanghai and Shanghai aunt groundless talk of love, I can only say 2 words: calm. To do things enough, we first snapshot and included no matter, I can’t remember! Is the original blog lovers Shanghai Longfeng snapshots for 2 weeks without moving, no matter how I update the article or spider or. I think, is to change the title number plus server that several days due to instability, simply matter (before and regularly update the article, one day a week, 1 1-2 soft article), natural snapshot is back, "calm" is too important for me, Shanghai dragon. The webmaster friends don’t be fall in love with the sea disturbing sight even affect the mood, occasionally scold is excusable, but do not change the website update.

"the chain for emperor", which has highlighted the value chain, and the chain of high quality is the priority among priorities. The chain can not only bring our website spider’s favor, just a lot of time to attract the user’s attention, the user to our website. Like other famous webmaster forum Promotion Forum on site

many BBS webmaster friends ranking in Shanghai when Shanghai included sex love metamorphosis, often ranking fluctuations, Shanghai ranked how overbearing love…… For this reason I can only smile, because I sometimes will decline in ranking cursed love Shanghai, called after or to maintain, how are? Say love Shanghai update is calculated through the computer, inevitably there are some loopholes; love Shanghai and is a commercial search engine, inevitably some overbearing. My blog launched nearly 3 months, ranking can be; when the company has done a lot of business ranking, especially some competition difficult words, the current ranking; the worst is hard to do stand a few months, ranking to give you a real mountain.

The chain extension of

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