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Shanghai dragon

enterprise website each have limitations, are generally confined to their own industries, will inevitably be limited by the boundaries of marketing. Although the industry is limited, but without the limitations of thinking, only through divergent thinking, by writing to a monthly income of million, I also don’t believe this, but some people do, he called to understand, the use of a QQ space of millions of years to make network expert, rely on to write the log log, it seems it is black and white, rich in content, with the most simple way of describing the most essential things. Another example is WeChat in the public number above, her name is Amy Mongolia, is also a content >

the same way, we do the optimization of enterprise website, how can the home page ranking in the keywords at the same time, expanding the influence of the site, let more users know our brand products or services? The answer is Everfount website content value.

is also a novel website, can reflect the content of the powerful marketing, fantastic novels read one another, let us forget. The common features of such sites is that they always continuously let users see the value, and this value was derived from the content of the web site.

is this logical order is wrong, is not the so-called search engine optimization, search engine optimization is the best, it is the first to create value, let people see there is valuable, then take the initiative to understand your brand product or service is the best network promotion means. Shanghai dragon is on this basis, loved by the people, when you have a problem or need to be solved, you use the search engine, search engine lets you solve the problem or demand, give you a good experience, which will involve the essence of content marketing.

if a website can Everfount to create value, can attract more and more people visit its website, brand and reputation in the invisible spread, such as a movie website is the latest update for you to watch the movie, the invisible home will put the site up or put the film firmly the brand name in mind, to facilitate the next search.

from our common sense, to promote their own brand of products or services are directly, for example through advertising, love Shanghai auction, and other marketing means to let others know, get advertising effect, so as to generate profits. Similarly, we do website optimization, are generally from web based optimization and chain to optimize to optimize.

and content marketing, from a cognitive point of view we are two totally different concepts and independent, but their essence is the same, let more people benefit by creating valuable content, so as to promote their own brand of products or services. Today small Sheng Qi Shanghai dragon to share with you.


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