Love after the storm Shanghai Shanghai dragon condemnation words attribute introspection

Shu Hong said here too literally, understanding and recognition of the given text to explain. This also leads to this article is to explore the topic, which is about the number of workers, the definition of Shanghai dragon attribute and has formed an industry group. To clarify such a content, believe that for the future positioning of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners will produce positive effect. In view of the basic concept of Shanghai dragon popularity in website optimization, so this topic can also be applied to the webmaster group. read more

Love is whether Shanghai will disrupt your update rule

original and pseudo original article is very good, never told you webmaster to save map and to collect the mass copy other web content, otherwise the consequences you know. If each article on a web site can make readers, can go home owners or network owners of the feeble, so we can say, the development potential of the site must be very good. High quality article is the webmaster have to write, this is not just a basic website and included weight, improve the user experience is also an essential part of. The most important, high quality articles written to text words, that I don’t need to tell you know! Of course, our webmaster friends may not so sometimes to write the article, then pseudo original (end rewriting, middle order) is another major magic weapon. There is a need to pay attention to the update of the degree, updated regularly, remember the first rule is that the spider can eat, but never enough to eat. read more

The 5 kind of scam Wangzhuan let you stop parsing fooledNew Adsense what kind of Web site to make th

, online part-time typist: This is one of the oldest Wangzhuan scam, a few years ago is very rampant now some, liar is still in use, and some stately advertising at sh419, said the 10000 words is 100 yuan, and paid 50% of the salary of this project, you need not think, 10000 words 1000 yuan what it means, means that the 1000 word 100 yuan, you will know this just is definitely a hoax. Some of these crooks allows you to enter the mobile phone verification code calls you to cheat you, have to pay a deposit of 100 yuan, you pay the deposit and let you pay the deposit is several hundred yuan, later or should you sign a contract to pay, until you find cheated so far. Like the same newspaper personals scam. read more

Why is the website holiday syndrome

chain suspended or disorderly increase of

said user experience without a good user experience? Imagine if at the time of their leisure holiday to see their often focus on the website, want to check something, but found that the site can not be opened, the Spring Festival was a good mood, probably will be affected immediately, next time you certainly will not come again. This is so, the webmaster It’s only human., in the choice of site space must be careful, do not because of a few.

update frequency disorder or suspend update read more

Love Shanghai mobile search optimization guide 2

love of Shanghai is the world’s largest mobile search Chinese mobile search engine, in response to a search request every day billions of times, leading Internet traffic is as high as one billion level. This document aims to provide authoritative, for the mobile station clear mobile search optimization standard, help site reasonable, sustained improvement of mobile traffic, to develop a long-term and stable, so as to promote the sound development of the mobile internet.


terminal as well as technology, we strongly recommend the use of HTML5 as a mobile station, and according to different terminal models for automatic adaptation. read more

Traffic is down 7 places to check



In fact, horseWhen

since the site has not been linked to horse, I think it was not a problem outside the chain? Check the chain after the show found a station snapshot stuck in August 6th, the website or updated daily, keyword ranking did not decline, the link is not removed, only removed a collection from a few hundred into the chain dozens of. In recent days I have in a dozen places registered blog add connection in some forum released a dozen signed reply, is not where the problem? Remove some was not included with the chain of the article. read more

How to choose the way of life in Shanghai dragon in occupation

is shown to act and Yuan (non polar) environment of Shanghai dragon. The author of "rely on diligence" "relying on resources and technology" and "rely on content" of the three types of people reviewed, and also found the intersection of them. But this picture did not show up, is to "ecological Shanghai dragon" for the higher level of the environment, or that time did not show the relationship between them. In fact, the original authors are also more inclined to rely on the content effect "a class of Shanghai dragon er. Despise reproduced without attribution, so book network is a professional website of Shanghai dragon, WordPress Shanghai Longfeng, trying to find a rapid increase in the amount collected, quickly improve the ranking, optimize the display effect in the search engine, to improve site traffic, and ultimately the best method of product benefits. read more

The new increase of ten tips of the chain

there is a famous saying: "content is king in Shanghai dragon industry, the chain for emperor", I believe that we all know the power of the chain, a lot of weight high website basically is outside the chain of tens of thousands of, although we can not have so many personal webmaster resources to get the chain so much, but we have every little bit of effort can do quite well, so today the author based on past experience to sum up when the chain increases a little skill, I hope this paper can bring some inspiration and motivation for the webmaster friends. read more

HTTPS how to optimize the site why love Shanghai will pay attention to the HTTPS site

in the chain, Xiao Bian think should be based on HTTPS, now people for the understanding of the two points are not complete, many users do not care about your site is HTTPS site, but in the future, the popularity of the site will let users begin to pay attention to, if we can advance the layout of the chain, the site should be good.

(3) HTTPS site in the end not to redirect the domain name? HTTPS is redirected to http

HTTPS is the last site for the optimization.

for HTTPS why would be love Shanghai’s favor, Xiao Bian think the reason is only one: safety. But the HTTPS has just launched, many people have taken to the security aspect, multiple encryption methods, make the website more is not easy to attack or hijacking. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform said: "many handshakes and complex encryption mechanism of HTTS effectively increased the security of the website, the encryption and authentication mechanism can reduce the risk of the website was hijacked and fake!" thus, how important it is for the security of the website. I love Shanghai HTTPS will be not at all surprising the attention. read more

n the sale of the site to prevent Shanghai to love weight sell strategy

love Shanghai weight in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle but in fact love Shanghai for having heard it many times, the weight is only a concept of some webmaster tools, fiction, and analysis of the principle is the main website there are keywords ranking statistics, and then calculate the approximate flow according to the key position, and then in the light of these traffic prediction to evaluate the weight site. However, these are only expected to flow, and it is a relatively vague concept, there is no way to accurately calculate, it gives the possibility of cheating. read more