Dopapod Orchestra, Electron & More Announced On Disc Jam Music Festival Lineup

first_imgThe 6th annual Disc Jam Music Festival has revealed a tasty lineup with many returning performers and a bevy of new, fresh faces. Featuring a number of heavy hitters from the funk and prog-rock communities including Dopapod (2 nights; 1 set ft. Dopapod Orchestra), Electron, Kung Fu, TAUK, Pink Talking Fish, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Consider The Source (Radiohead set), The Nth Power, Gubbilidis (ft. Zdenek Gubb & Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle) and Hayley Jane & The Primates, the latest installment of Disc Jam is shaping up to be one of the best yet.Set to take place at Gardner’s Farm this June 9-12, Disc Jam VI will offer attendees new VIP packages that include hotel rooms and shuttles to and from the show; expanded woods camping; all new late night activities including interactive art, fire spinning performances, themed group challenges and an LED foam party. Tickets to Disc Jam VI are available now and can be found here.last_img read more

Labors of love for scholar at heart

first_imgReclining in a black leather chair with his feet on an ottoman, Leo Damrosch has the relaxed air of a man six years into retirement.But don’t be fooled. There’s no time for golf or crossword puzzles for Damrosch, who is still doing serious scholarship, and enjoying every minute of it.“Retirement’s going really well,” he said, speaking in his faculty study room at Widener Library. “I was just dying to have enough time to do research and writing. Now I get to do the things I’ve always liked doing without the administrative duties that took up my time.”Since adding emeritus to his title as Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Literature, Damrosch has won a National Book Critics Circle award and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2013 for “Jonathan Swift: His Life and His World.” More recently, “Eternity’s Sunrise: The Imaginative World of William Blake,” his study of the English poet and engraver, made this year’s shortlist for the National Book Critics Circle award in criticism.Along with research and writing, the 75-year-old is still working with students. For the Harvard Summer School he’ll teach “The Rise of the Novel” and “The Enlightenment Invention of the Modern Self,” which he also teaches at Harvard Extension School. He draws particular satisfaction from connecting with high school students who manage to keep pace in college-level courses.“The Summer School produces these jewels,” he said. “They work extra hard and are very grateful.”In his Widener study, Damrosch works alongside his collection of miniature airplanes and photographs of a long-ago trip to his native Philippines. Interred in Los Baños prison camp in Luzon during World War II, Damrosch and his family were liberated in 1945. Five years later, they moved to the United States, making their home in small-town Maine.“I don’t have enough of a personal story,” he said, asked when he would write his own biography. “I don’t have a hook. I last went to the Philippines with my father when I was in my 30s, and that was a wonderful experience. But my own memories from childhood aren’t enough for a book.”He joined the English faculty at Harvard in 1989, but Damrosch, who held the department chair from 1993-98 and served as acting chair in 2007, felt as if he “never had enough time.” Now that he has no official department duties, Damrosch gets to do what he’s “always liked doing,” which included his research on “Eternity’s Sunrise.”“Blake is an original genius,” he said. “This book is intended to introduce him to general readers, and couldn’t have been written 30 years ago. Back then, art critics and literary scholars didn’t interact much. But more recently, gifted scholar-printmakers have done wonderful work, helping us to understand how his images were created and printed.”Damrosch knew his book had to include first-rate illustrations, a belief shared by his editor at Yale University Press, who ensured that “Eternity’s Sunrise” included 40 color reproductions. A Washington Post review praised the book for its “intricate analysis of the relation between Blake’s verse and his vivid paintings and etchings.”Next up for Damrosch, besides teaching fall and spring courses at the Extension School, will be more work on a book to be titled “Jamie and Sam: Boswell, Johnson, and the Club.” Damrosch describes it as “a group portrait during an extraordinary historical moment,” featuring writers and thinkers such as Edmund Burke, Edward Gibbon, Oliver Goldsmith, and Adam Smith.“Many people are reluctant to retire,” he said. “Their sense of self is invested in their academic position — not in a selfish way. I’ve been fortunate in being able to go on doing what I most enjoyed in academic life — teaching and writing — with more time to devote to them than I used to have.”last_img read more

Humanitarian Assistance: A Key Mission for USSOUTHCOM

first_img Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions are a key component of the United States Southern Command’s (USSOUTHCOM) efforts to strengthen regional cooperation and partnerships with Central and South America and the Caribbean. Humanitarian assistance missions provide health care and infrastructure to communities of host nations, offering opportunities for the U.S. and participating nations to work side-by-side, while disaster relief missions help prepare for and respond to natural disasters and enhance the capacity to respond and recover when disaster strikes. The missions usually last several months and generally take place in rural and underprivileged areas to provide services to those who need it most. The exercises contribute to the sustainment of regional partnerships and support the development of civilian infrastructure needed for economic and social development. One such mission is New Horizons, an annual series of joint and combined humanitarian assistance exercises launched in the mid-1980s by the U.S. Southern Command in Latin America and Caribbean nations. In June 2010, New Horizons got underway in Haiti as part the U.S. military’s continued commitment to helping Haiti after a devastating earthquake shattered the nation on January 12. Five hundred National Guard troops are part of the mission responsible for building schools, improving water wells and providing medical care in the vicinity of Gonaives until September 2010. Continuing Promise, created in 2007, is another example of an annual civic assistance exercise supported by the U.S. and international military medical personnel in addition to U.S. government agencies, regional health ministries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and U.S. academic institutions. Continuing Promise is an annual effort to bring health care, humanitarian assistance and civic support to communities in Latin America and the Caribbean on behalf of the American people. Comprised of U.S. military personnel, forces from participating nations and civilian relief volunteers aboard a U.S. Navy ship, these teams provide medical, surgical, dental and veterinary care throughout the region. Continuing Promise also provides infrastructure and construction improvements, such as building schools, clinics and churches, and repairing roads and water systems. The 2010 mission began on July 12 when the USS Iwo Jima set sail from Norfolk, Virginia. The four-month humanitarian and civic assistance deployment is bringing health care and other relief services to communities in eight Latin American and Caribbean nations. The USS Iwo Jima arrived in Port de Paix, Haiti on July 24 and remained there until Aug. 3. The mission is scheduled to visit Coveñas, Colombia from Aug. 8-18; Limon, Costa Rica from Aug. 20-30; Puerto barrios, Guatemala from Sept. 4-13; Blue Fields, Nicaragua from Sept. 15-25; Chiriquí Grande, Panama from Sept. 27-Oct. 7; Georgetown, Guyana from Oct. 17-27; Paramaribo, Suriname from Oct. 28-Nov. 10, returning to Norfolk, Virginia on November 15. Another mission visiting Latin America and the Caribbean during 2010 is Southern Partnership Station, a naval deployment through which the USS New Orleans is conducting subject matter expert exchanges, community relations projects, Project Handclasp deliveries, and sports activities. Project Handclasp transports educational, humanitarian and goodwill material on U.S. Navy ships to be distributed directly to needy recipients by U.S. service personnel stationed overseas or embarked in U.S. Navy ships which visit given areas. Service members from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay are deployed with the New Orleans to enhance the interaction between these participating nations and the U.S. Navy. The ship recently visited Mexico and Peru, and is currently in Bahía Málaga, Colombia until Aug. 18, ending its three-month deployment with a final visit in Panama. Both the USS New Orleans and the USS Iwo Jima will include emergency aid teams that will carry out joint exercises with the Colombian Navy, as part of an inter-operability initiative to prepare quick and effective responses to natural disasters, particularly in view of the hurricane season that is approaching the Caribbean region during the second half of 2010. The visit of these units form part of multi-national humanitarian relief exercises that are being carried out with the countries of the region, including Operation Unitas and Operation Panamax which provide training for naval crews. By Dialogo August 06, 2010last_img read more

Claims of voter fraud are common. It’s the fraud that’s rare.

first_img– Advertisement – Famously, there was the story that Senator Christopher S. Bond, Republican of Missouri, told in 2000 about a 13-year-old springer spaniel that was registered to vote in St. Louis. Mr. Bond was making a case that more anti-fraud protections, like requiring identification, were needed after his colleague, Senator John Ashcroft, lost his seat when more Missourians voted for a dead man: Gov. Mel Carnahan, who had been killed in a plane crash several weeks before the election but remained on the ballot. Mr. Ashcroft did not challenge the results.The fantasy of a stolen election has elements that Mr. Trump has long incorporated into his narrative about himself. There are clear perpetrators (undocumented immigrants, big-city Democratic political machines) and a victim (him) — and usually enough ambiguity so he can float outlandish but unsubstantiated rumors.He has been laying the groundwork for refusing to concede for some time. Speaking in September to Mark Levin, the talk radio and Fox News host, Mr. Trump suggested that some voters were receiving multiple ballots in the mail. He said: “People are saying, ‘Hey, what’s going on? I just got a whole batch of ballots.’” In reality, elections officials across the country, representing both parties, said there was no evidence that fraud had played any role in determining the election outcome this year. The most common claims of voter fraud — reports of ballots cast by someone voting twice, or by a dead person or someone who is otherwise ineligible — can almost always be traced back to a misunderstanding like a typo, a clerical error or a false assumption that two people with a common name are actually the same person, according to the Brennan Center.Still, the topic has been a staple of coverage on Fox News going back to the 2000s, when hosts like Bill O’Reilly spread exaggerated stories about immigrants who were voting illegally, campaigns that paid people for their votes and community groups like ACORN whose employees had submitted fraudulent voter registrations. (The ACORN employees, who were also the subject of an attack ad that John McCain’s campaign ran against Barack Obama in 2008, did not appear to be attempting to influence voting, but rather to get paid for voter registration work they hadn’t actually done.)Claims of voter fraud have often involved absurd and far-fetched scenarios — dead people, dogs, busloads of people of color — which is another way they live on in the public imagination. In recent years, conservative activists have pushed unverified reports that buses full of illegal voters showed up at polling places from California to Wisconsin. As a news story, it is sensational and often irresistible. The Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law examined its enduring appeal in a 2007 report, observing that ballot fraud has “the feel of a bank heist caper: roundly condemned but technically fascinating, and sufficiently lurid to grab and hold headlines.”The subject’s prevalence in the conservative news media, where it is treated as a more widespread problem than the facts show, may help explain how Mr. Trump, a ravenous consumer of cable news, came to be so fixated.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –center_img Voter fraud is one of the oldest charges a politician can level in American elections — though no president in modern times has done so with such frequency, and so little evidence, as President Trump. In the 1941 Orson Welles epic “Citizen Kane,” newspapermen huddle near the printing press on election night as it becomes clear that the results won’t be good news for their boss, the publishing mogul Charles Foster Kane.One of them holds up a front page with the headline they had hoped for: “Kane Elected.” He then lowers his head and nods toward the version they have to go with instead. “Fraud at Polls!” it declares. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Cache In Trash Out –’s Lost & Found Video

first_img SharePrint RelatedCache In Trash Out® (CITO) announcement for 2019January 7, 2019In “Environmental Initiatives”Announcing the 2013 Cache In Trash Out WeekendJanuary 28, 2013In “ Souvenirs” Presents: CITO – Hamburg to PragueJanuary 19, 2012In “Environmental Initiatives” Thousands of geocachers walk into parks, onto trails and off the beaten path to cleanup the environment each year.  The environmental movement is called Cache In Trash Out (CITO).  This past April 24th and 25th were no different.  But CITO doesn’t just take place on one weekend around Earth Day each year.  Geocachers often seek a cache and clear out trash on each trip.Here’s a video tribute to the volunteer spirit of geocachers who play a part in CITO, each year and each geocache.  It’s an easy role to play in the ongoing environmental initiative, just find a CITO near you.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more

Building an Ed-Tech Startup in a (Startup) Weekend

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Startup Weekend always sounds like mission impossible: you have 54 hours – from Friday night until Sunday night – to pitch, then build, then demo a product. But the intensity and creativity of the teams that come together for these events are impressive. Great ideas, great products, great teams, and yes despite the short duration, great startups are hatched there.That’s why it’s pretty exciting to see the next San Francisco Startup Weekend turn its sights on the education technology industry.Startup Weekend EDU will be held June 3 -5 at the Grockit offices in San Francisco, and will bring together “makers, founders, creators, developers, teachers, students, designers, and the business-inclined to launch real startups to address the real problems in the multi-trillion dollar education, training and learning markets.”The weekend will follow the same pattern as other Startup Weekend events: ideas will be pitched on Friday night, and the teams will come together to work on their chosen ones, hacking all weekend in preparation for a demo on Sunday evening.Speakers at Startup Weekend EDU will include Eric Ries, creator of the Lean Startup methodology, and the judges panel will include Prashant Fuloria, Director of Product Management at Facebook. More judges, speakers, and mentors will be announced soon.The judges panel will offer feedback to the presenting teams and will hand out over $5000 in cash for the startups.“SFEDU Startup Weekend is about people passionate about improving education giving up their weekend to create real solutions,” says Grockit CEO Farbood Nivi. Education technology can definitely use more hackers, and you can register here to attend the event. audrey watters Tags:#events#start Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

After clean chit from SIT, he takes on police

first_imgAnil Kumar, a resident of Ambehta village in Saharanpur has approached the local court requesting action against the police for “illegally” picking him up from his home at midnight and arresting him without any evidence.Mr. Kumar was arrested in connection with the caste clashes between the dominant Thakurs and Dalits in the last week of May. Later the Special Investigative Team constituted to probe the violence during the caste clashes, found him and eight others, innocent. He was released last week.Plea for FIR against copsAfter his release, Mr. Kumar filed a petition in the local court with a plea to file an FIR against the Superintendent of Police, Rural Saharanpur, Vidya Sagar Mishra and the Station House Officer of Badgaon police station (under which Shabbirpur falls), Munendra Singh. The court has fixed July 10 as the next date of hearing when the police is expected to submit a reply.Mr. Kumar was not the only one against whom the SIT found no evidence. The probe showed that eight persons, arrested on charges of rioting and killing a person on May 23, were innocent. The eight, released after the SIT declaration, include two of Mr. Kumar’s nephews, Rohit and Abhishek, and his neighbours Harpal and Amrish.In his plea Mr. Kumar asked why he had been arrested when there was no evidence against him. He claimed his arrest had damaged his reputation in the society and was a “source of pain and trauma”.“It seems that the police arrested me despite knowing that there was no evidence against me. Even if one assumes that it can be a mistake in my case, then what is the explanation behind arrest of eight people without any evidence? Why it takes an SIT to show that our arrest was done without any evidence?” were some of the questioned raised by his plea.Beaten, humiliatedMr. Kumar who was in jail for over a month, spoke to the media after filing the case. “We were beaten badly by the police, which misbehaved, abused and humiliated us. What if there was no SIT to probe the caste violence? We could have stayed in jail for years till it was proved the cases slapped against us were fake and fabricated,” he said.He also alleged that there was pressure on him from the police to withdraw the case and threats of being framed in other false cases. The local police have vehemently denied the allegations.last_img read more

Muralitharan looks to play till 2013-14

first_imgLegendary Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan today made it clear he will continue to play cricket for another three years as he felt fit enough to feature in Indian Premier League and English county circuit.”I think my body is good enough to play cricket for another three years. I would like to play IPL and some county cricket in England. I have received some offers (from the counties) but can’t disclose them at this moment,” he said.Muralitharan was speaking at a felicitation function by his IPL team Chennai Super Super Kings here for taking 800 Test wickets.In a media interaction later, Muralitharan said that he had agreed to former Indian captain Anil Kumble’s offer to join him in starting an academy but refused to disclose the details of the venture.Asked whether he would play in next year’s World Cup in the sub continent, Muralitharan said, “It is still too early.I want to see how I play in the Champions League Twenty20 and then decide on the World Cup,” the 38-year-old Muralitharan said.Sanjay Manjrekar, who anchored the function, requested scribes before opening the floor for a question answer session not to pose questions on the match fixing allegations in Pakistan’s ongoing England tour.However, Muralitharan did answer a question on the issue, saying it is for the Pakistan Cricket Board and its English counterpart to deal with the situation and decide.”These are only allegations and I wouldn’t like to comment on these matters,” he said.advertisementMuralitharan said Harbhajan Singh has the best chance of reaching the 800 figure mark but he could not predict whether the Indian off-spinner would achieve the feat or not.”Harbhajan is only 29 and statistically it is possible for him to reach 800. But it is up to the bowler and I can’t predict anything. You should have the hunger to achieve anything,” he said.Manjrekar and former India captain S Venkataraghavan hosted a group discussion as part of the function.Tamil Nadu cricketers of Chennai Super Kings — Subramaniam Badrinath, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Ravichandran Ashwin, Anirudha Srikkanth and Shadab Jakati — and operations director V B Chandrasekar recalled their experiences with their famous colleague in IPL events.Venkatraghavan, part of the famous Indian spin quartet of yesteryears, showered praise on Muralitharan and discussed the finer points of spin bowling.Venkatraghavan presented Muralitharan a Super Kings team shirt with the number 800 printed on the back and Sri Lankan star immediately wore it on the stage.last_img read more