Seed Consultants 5/31/2013 Weekly Maket Comment with Gary Wilhelmi

first_imgHome Indiana Agriculture News Seed Consultants 5/31/2013 Weekly Maket Comment with Gary Wilhelmi Facebook Twitter By Hoosier Ag Today – May 31, 2013 SHARE Seed Consultants 5/31/2013 Weekly Maket Comment with Gary Wilhelmi Previous articleSeed Consultants 5/31/2013 Market Update with Gary WilhelmiNext articleQuit Beefing About Your Beef Hoosier Ag Today May has been a positive equity trading month, but it’s stuttering at the end. Obviously, our economic signals have become mixed. On Friday, consumer sentiment at 84.5 beat the estimate at 83.7, but consumer spending fell .2% to a one year low. 1Q GDP contracted to 2.4% and not much better is foreseen. Next Friday we will have the monthly employment report and any over 200,000 new jobs would be encouraging. If left along our economy will gradually improve, but the environment has changed. Many fall back jobs, like working at a gas station have disappeared, as that has been the case for many manufacturing positions. If a job does not make anything, it does not pay as much.China’s economy has been undergoing growing pain reductions for months. Europe holds lots of conferences but accomplishes little.Goldman Sachs reaffirmed its judgment that the bond market is taking at beating. 10 year note rates have risen 22% in the last few months. The interest rate sensitive Utility average has lost nearly 10%.The equity markets are drunk with computer speculation. Money has been moving out of commodities into stocks, which is a hyper example of a historical trend. I have been through many such gyrations in my fifty years on LaSalle Street.OPEC has ebbed as US oil production ramps up, as it should have back in 1973. WTI crude oil fell below $93, in a range of $90-100.Weather has done a 180 degree turn from bone dry to soaked, in all but the Western Corn Belt and the fringe of the plains. The rough estimate is that 2-3 million acres of corn will be replanted to shorter maturity seed, or switched to soybeans. Yield potentials are good. June and July will be the maker months in corn. We will not have a survey crop estimate until August and it could be a bumpy ride.GMO unapproved issues regarding Oregon wheat have caused Japan and South Korea to require more testing, but the market impact has been slight as Oregon wheat is just a fraction of a fraction of our production.. Japan has dominated the PNW wheat for decades.Weekly export sales were fair with China buying some of each.The Mississippi River is currently closed in some areas due to flooding, whereas a few months ago it was too low.Lead contract cattle and hogs firmed a bit near weeks end. Cash cattle, were reluctant to trade and expectations were for steady at $124-125. Choice beef pulled back slightly from record highs, but at the meat counter, consumer budgets can not endure such high prices. Pork showed a bit of upside momentum, but there were not many offerings of pork in the weekly features. The buying of the troubled pork operation of Smithfield by the Chinese may mean more pork exports, but current levels are minute. Weekly export sales totaled 19,000 tons of beef and 15,000 tons pork. SHARE Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Okemo offers scholarships

first_imgTim and Diane Mueller, owners of Okemo Mountain Resort, will offer eleven scholarship awards for the 2003 school year to high school seniors and college students to assist them to further their education. Okemo has been offering scholarship awards to students since 1988 as a symbol of their commitment to the region’s youth and education. Criteria used to select the scholarship recipients include academic achievement, co-curricular involvement and the composition of an essay.For the 2003 school year, a total of eleven scholarship awards will be offered to high school seniors and college students. The Okemo Mountain Employee Student Scholarship Awards will be presented to four high school or college students who are employed at Okemo. The Okemo Mountain Dependent Student Scholarship Awards will be presented to four dependents of Okemo employees who are high school seniors or to a studentenrolled in a degree program. The Tom Croney Scholarship Award will be presented to a student pursuing a career in a technical field and is given in the memory of Tom Croney, an Okemo employee who set an example through his dedication to Okemo and its guests. The Okemo Creative Endeavors Scholarship was created by the Okemo Fine Arts Council to assist employeesand their dependents (ages 13 and up) in furthering their interest in the arts. Awardees may attend programs and seminars related to art, drama, music and creative writing. The John F. Mueller Scholarship Award is new for 2003 and was formed by the staff at Okemo in memory of Dr. John F. Mueller. This award is available to a staff member who is pursuing a career in medicine.All scholarship awards are determined prior to graduation and past recipients may re-apply each year. Okemo Scholarship application formscan be picked up inside the Main Office at Okemo, or interested students can either call or email Okemo’s Human Resource Office at [email protected](link sends e-mail)or (802) 228-1963 for more information. Completed scholarship applications must be returned to the Okemo Human Resource Office by May 10, 2002.last_img read more

Humanitarian Assistance: A Key Mission for USSOUTHCOM

first_img Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions are a key component of the United States Southern Command’s (USSOUTHCOM) efforts to strengthen regional cooperation and partnerships with Central and South America and the Caribbean. Humanitarian assistance missions provide health care and infrastructure to communities of host nations, offering opportunities for the U.S. and participating nations to work side-by-side, while disaster relief missions help prepare for and respond to natural disasters and enhance the capacity to respond and recover when disaster strikes. The missions usually last several months and generally take place in rural and underprivileged areas to provide services to those who need it most. The exercises contribute to the sustainment of regional partnerships and support the development of civilian infrastructure needed for economic and social development. One such mission is New Horizons, an annual series of joint and combined humanitarian assistance exercises launched in the mid-1980s by the U.S. Southern Command in Latin America and Caribbean nations. In June 2010, New Horizons got underway in Haiti as part the U.S. military’s continued commitment to helping Haiti after a devastating earthquake shattered the nation on January 12. Five hundred National Guard troops are part of the mission responsible for building schools, improving water wells and providing medical care in the vicinity of Gonaives until September 2010. Continuing Promise, created in 2007, is another example of an annual civic assistance exercise supported by the U.S. and international military medical personnel in addition to U.S. government agencies, regional health ministries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and U.S. academic institutions. Continuing Promise is an annual effort to bring health care, humanitarian assistance and civic support to communities in Latin America and the Caribbean on behalf of the American people. Comprised of U.S. military personnel, forces from participating nations and civilian relief volunteers aboard a U.S. Navy ship, these teams provide medical, surgical, dental and veterinary care throughout the region. Continuing Promise also provides infrastructure and construction improvements, such as building schools, clinics and churches, and repairing roads and water systems. The 2010 mission began on July 12 when the USS Iwo Jima set sail from Norfolk, Virginia. The four-month humanitarian and civic assistance deployment is bringing health care and other relief services to communities in eight Latin American and Caribbean nations. The USS Iwo Jima arrived in Port de Paix, Haiti on July 24 and remained there until Aug. 3. The mission is scheduled to visit Coveñas, Colombia from Aug. 8-18; Limon, Costa Rica from Aug. 20-30; Puerto barrios, Guatemala from Sept. 4-13; Blue Fields, Nicaragua from Sept. 15-25; Chiriquí Grande, Panama from Sept. 27-Oct. 7; Georgetown, Guyana from Oct. 17-27; Paramaribo, Suriname from Oct. 28-Nov. 10, returning to Norfolk, Virginia on November 15. Another mission visiting Latin America and the Caribbean during 2010 is Southern Partnership Station, a naval deployment through which the USS New Orleans is conducting subject matter expert exchanges, community relations projects, Project Handclasp deliveries, and sports activities. Project Handclasp transports educational, humanitarian and goodwill material on U.S. Navy ships to be distributed directly to needy recipients by U.S. service personnel stationed overseas or embarked in U.S. Navy ships which visit given areas. Service members from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay are deployed with the New Orleans to enhance the interaction between these participating nations and the U.S. Navy. The ship recently visited Mexico and Peru, and is currently in Bahía Málaga, Colombia until Aug. 18, ending its three-month deployment with a final visit in Panama. Both the USS New Orleans and the USS Iwo Jima will include emergency aid teams that will carry out joint exercises with the Colombian Navy, as part of an inter-operability initiative to prepare quick and effective responses to natural disasters, particularly in view of the hurricane season that is approaching the Caribbean region during the second half of 2010. The visit of these units form part of multi-national humanitarian relief exercises that are being carried out with the countries of the region, including Operation Unitas and Operation Panamax which provide training for naval crews. By Dialogo August 06, 2010last_img read more

Danijela Čavlović, HGK: While they congratulate us in Europe, some in Croatia are worried about the growth of private accommodation

first_imgWe will remember the last year by the best tourist results in recent Croatian history. Double-digit growth in overnight stays and arrivals exceeded even the most optimistic expectations, especially in October and November, where in some destinations it amounted to 30%, and we achieved more than 100 million overnight stays three years earlier than planned by the Croatian Tourism Development Strategy. 2020The strongest growth was achieved in family accommodation, where in the first 11 months 14% more overnight stays and even 20% more arrivals were recorded. Croatia was declared the absolute winner at the awards ceremony for the best European house of the year organized by the European Association of Family Accommodation, which brings together more than 20 million beds, while the Russians chose us as the best destination for family accommodation. “Bravo, you are a great example of the orderliness of this market, and we see that it is getting higherYou are investing in quality, ”they tell us in Europe, where they are still trying to find ways to more effectively regulate this important segment of the collaborative economy.However, it turns out that in Croatia they are not so impressed by the growth of this type of micro-entrepreneurship, which through more than 85.000 registered households directly or indirectly employs 350.000 people and generates income of 2,5 billion euros. We have even witnessed that some are seriously concerned with the explanation. “that Croatia needs more hotel accommodation than family accommodation because it is in line with the above-mentioned Strategy ”. On the other hand, politicians constantly point out that the demographic picture is devastating, and they are worried that people have managed to put their real estate into business and feed themselves and their families by watching their neighbors take their lives to Germany or Ireland. No work. “No, it is not the problem of the family but those who buy apartments in Zagreb, Zadar, Split… and make money on them”, Explains our interlocutor in a high position in the executive branch.So isn’t profit a goal considering the invested capital and operating costs, if the investor has registered the maximum allowed 20 beds per address and OIB by law? He also employs a laundromat, taxi drivers, nearby restaurants, increases the turnover of shops, museums, clubs… If you are worried that they may earn a lot more than 230.000 kuna per year as a lump sum (the threshold for entering the VAT system is from 1.1.2018. raises to 300.000 kuna) why do you not send them to the supervision of inspectors of the Ministry of Finance, ie the Customs Administration, which should determine whether the owner of the accommodation reports all guests and shows the total income?Another problem that has emerged thanks to good tourist figures is the lack of manpower. With 180.000 unemployed, we had to increase quotas for employing foreigners, which is fine because our people are accepted as workers in other countries, but the question is how many of them will want to work for Croatian wages and at the same time smile and patiently answer numerous tourist inquiries? Or maybe we could use the model from the 80s of the last century when Croatia achieved much higher tourist numbers, and workers were recruited from the local population, which especially in the coast has a tradition of tourism for more than a century.Hotel houses paid scholarships for the education of future waiters, chefs, maids, receptionists knowing that these young people grew up in a tourist environment and have a high culture of dealing with guests. Although hotel salaries were not high even then, the difference was compensated by transferring the excess guests to the apartments of their parents, grandparents and other relatives… In this synergy of hotels and family accommodation everything worked – there was no shortage of labor to his country and from his work.Photo: www.kvarnerfamily.hrBut somehow with each new change of structures we forget the models that have proven their effectiveness and bring new ones that too often benefit only a few, which we have especially witnessed in the last few months. At the same time, we are concerned that households make up more than 50 percent of the total tourist capacity, because, as our interlocutor says, this is not the case anywhere in the world.So shouldn’t we finally be pleased and proud to be at least in something of a ‘role model’ in much more successful markets instead of thinking about limiting or even reducing the growth of this micro-entrepreneurship thanks to which still a large part of the population decides to stay in this country full of life?Author: Danijela Čavlović, President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Family Tourism AssociationRelated news:CROATIA THE ABSOLUTE WINNER IN CHOOSING THE BEST HOLIDAY HOMES IN EUROPE! FAMILY MICRO ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN TOURISM – A ISSUE OF SURVIVALBE A HOST IN FAMILY ACCOMMODATION, NOT REAL ESTATE AGENTSlast_img read more

Event to help veterans in need

first_imgColumbus, IN — Thrive Alliance, Cummins, Subway, and more will host the annual “Stand Down” for south-central Indiana, on Thursday, October 1, from 10 am to 1 pm at the Fair Oaks Mall in Columbus. The purpose of the event is to honor and help the heroes in several central Indiana counties including Bartholomew, Jennings, Shelby, and Decatur Counties.In an effort to comply with social distancing guidelines, this year’s “Stand Down” will be a drive-thru and held in the parking lot, south of the old Carson’s store at the mall.Organizers hope to reach homeless veterans, and veterans at risk of becoming homeless, to connect them to services they need to get on the path to self-sufficiency. Proof of service or military ID is required to access the free services. Services availible that day will include emergency food and clothing, housing assistance, health screenings, personal hygiene kits, mental health screenings, meals, legal aid, haircuts, and more.last_img read more

Dodgers’ Andrew Friedman preaches ‘perspective’ amid ‘unknowns’ of coronavirus shutdown

first_imgBaseball’s Opening Day is filled with unknowns about how the season ahead will play out. This year’s scheduled Opening Day was filled with even more unknowns but no games.Like the rest of the sport, the Dodgers’ season opener against the San Francisco Giants on Thursday has been postponed indefinitely. Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman spent the day on ‘Zoom’ teleconferencing instead of at Dodger Stadium watching the National League favorites put those expectations to their first test.“Obviously we all expected to be doing something different today,” Friedman said Thursday. “I think perspective is really important. From our standpoint, new and different things are coming up on a daily basis that we’re working through and it’s a lot of the not-so-fun parts of our job and obviously we’re missing the most fun part.”Two weeks after spring training was aborted and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced a two-week delay to the start of the season, mid-May has become the new, optimistic target for a resumption of workouts if not games. Friedman said players are finding “creative” ways to work out and stay in shape but there is no formal timeline for when things might resume. Cody Bellinger homer gives Dodgers their first walkoff win of season Dodgers’ Max Muncy trying to work his way out of slow start “I’m not even focused on that right now. I can’t wait until I am and able to think through things in those terms. But I think, having perspective right now and doing what we can with where we are at this moment is what’s most important and obviously we’ll have a lot of time to get into that hopefully, as we get going and playing.” There has been much speculation about not only when MLB might start playing but what those games might look like. How many doubleheaders will be packed into the schedule? Would some of those games be shortened to seven innings? Will rosters be expanded? Will they start playing before pitchers are fully stretched out?“I think everything’s on the table right now. I don’t think you can remove anything from the table at this point, just with the amount of unknowns,” Friedman said, echoing comments made by Commissioner Rob Manfred on Wednesday. “I think a lot will be dictated obviously by what things look like a week from now, two weeks from now, three weeks from now.“I know, again, everybody is unified in the desire to play as many games as we can. What that means I think will depend some on when we can actually start up again. So I think everybody is keeping a very open mind right now and still continuing to evaluate the situation. As we get more clarity, I think you’ll be able to figure out what that runway looks like from there, but there’s just too many unknowns to make stronger statements.” How Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling topped the baseball podcast empire center_img Dodgers hit seven home runs, sweep Colorado Rockies “No. But I think the thing that’s consistent is every group involved with the various conversations all want to play as soon as we can and play as many games as we can,” he said, referring to discussions between MLB and the players’ union.The two sides are working toward an agreement that would deal with issues such as service time for a shortened – or even canceled – 2020. The agreement is expected to allow players to receive service time even if no games are played this season.The Dodgers would be deeply affected by that issue. They made a bold move this offseason, acquiring outfielder Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox despite his impending free agency (and expected $300 million floor for a new contract). The Dodgers could now get 100 games or fewer of Betts in a Dodgers uniform before potentially losing him to another team next winter.“I think we need to get into what does the season actually look like,” Friedman said when asked how that might affect his evaluation of the trade. “I’m sure we will have plenty of time to go into that and talk through that. But we’ve talked about this a lot in the past – of our mindset being much more focused on the process than the outcome. We did not factor in a global pandemic into our thought process. And so we will determine whether or not we should have or not – obviously, I’m joking.Related Articles Fire danger is on Dave Roberts’ mind as Dodgers head to San Francisco Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

NBA draft night was big for Lonzo Ball but it was huge for Big Baller Brand

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersThe Lakers version is called the “SHO’TIME.”Preorders for the shoe close the day of the draft, so if you want a pair, hurry.They have sandals too, because LA.If you are reading this on a mobile device, click on this link. As soon as Lonzo Ball was selected by the Lakers as the number 2 pick in the 2017 NBA draft, the night became about Lavar Ball and his family-run Big Baller Brand.Within seconds of the announcement that the Lakers selected Lonzo, his father donned a Big Baller Brand hat in Lakers purple and gold. Both Lonzo and Lavar wore BBB ties for the formal event in New York City.The company also unveiled a Lakers-colored version of their Lonzo Ball “ZO2s” sneaker. A model that retails for a not-so-modest $495. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more