25 Raspberry Pi now available in the US but already sold out

first_imgWhen the Raspberry Pi first got announced it promised a tiny computer for an unbelievable $25. And then when the Pi finally launched we only got a $35 version. But last month the Raspberry Pi Foundation finally started producing the $25 Model A board, and if you live in Europe it was possible to purchase one.Now, almost two months later, and it looks as though stock is making its way to the US. The first retailer to offer the boards to an American audience is Allied Electronics, which isn’t adding a premium to the price beyond a shipping charge. Other online retailers are sure to follow soon, but as you’d expect, any stock that appears is disappearing fast.Whether you decide to opt for the $25 Pi over the $35 version depends on your computing needs. Saving $10 means you don’t get an Ethernet port, there’s just a single USB port, and the RAM is cut from 512MB to just 256MB. On the other hand, while you lose connectivity and RAM, you gain a big power saving as the $25 PI only uses a third of the power of its big brother.The delay in getting the $25 Pi launched in the US simply came down to paperwork according to Eben Upton. And as with the original launch, stock will remain tight initially, but every retailer offering the $35 board is probably going to start offering the $25 version in the coming weeks and months. And it shouldn’t take long for stock to catch up with demand.last_img read more