Watch Bob Weir’s Full Performance With Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

first_imgJoe Russo’s Almost Dead played their two shows in California this weekend at House of Blues in San Diego and the Fox Theater in Oakland. During their Saturday night show, guitarist and songwriter Bob Weir showed up to see for himself what the buzz surrounding the band is all about. Joe Russo, Dave Dreiwitz, Marco Benevento, Tom Hamilton and Scott Metzger don’t just play Grateful Dead tunes, they reinvent them in a modern, enhanced way. So to see the two forces come together was a spectacular moment for fans.As the band went into their acoustic portion of the performance, which has become somewhat of a regular thing since their most recent Brooklyn Bowl run, Weir emerged after the opening “It Must Have Been The Roses” to contribute his guitar playing and vocals on Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” Grateful Dead’s “Black Throated Wind,” Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” and Bobby’s “Cassidy.” You can watch the full performance below, courtesy of YouTube user TimeZonerTV:Joe Russo’s Almost Dead @ The Fox Theatre 11/12/16:Set 1 (8:00PM – 10:13PM)Jam ->Good Lovin’ (SM) ->Cumberland Blues (All) ->Help On The Way (TH) @ ->Slipknot! ->Music Never Stopped (SM)He’s Gone (TH) >The Wheel # (All) >Jackstraw $ (SM & TH)Acoustic Set ^ (No Set Break)Must Have Been The Roses % (TH)Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall + (BW)Black Throated Wind + (BW)When I Paint My Masterpiece + (BW)Cassidy + (BW) ->Let It Grow Jam + ->Cassidy + (BW)Set 2 (10:33PM – 11:59PM)King Solomon’s MarblesRow Jimmy (TH)Estimated Prophet (SM) ->Uncle John’s Band (All)Eyes Of The World && (TH) ->Jam *->Throwing Stones (SM) ->Deal Jam & ->Throwing Stones (SM) ->Hey Bulldog Jam ^ ->Throwing Stones (SM)E: One More Saturday Night (SM)@ – Proceeded by an emphatic “Shakedown Street” Tease# – With an “Head Over Heels” (Tears for Fears) Tease (MB)$ – During the jam before the final “We can share the women…” lyrics, the stage was transformed seamlessly for the acoustic set. MB’s piano was moved (while he was still playing it), a small kit for Joe rolled out on a riser, mics & stools were placed for SM, TH & BW.^ – All songs with MB on Upright Piano & Vocals, TH & SM on Acoustic Guitars & Vocals, DD on Upright Bass & JR on 3 piece kit – Kick, Snare & Hi Hat – & Vocals.% – Almost Dead only+ – With Bob Weir on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals as indicated&& – With a DD Bass Solo & an MB piano solo* – Contained elements of Throwing Stones& – First Time Played By Almost Dead^ – Beatles cover, first Time Played By Almost Dead as an instrumental. (The full song was played on 2016.07.02.)This was probably the longest show Almost Dead has played, at about 3:39.[Setlist via Joe Russo’s Almost Dead]last_img read more

Dennis McCarthy: Homeless kids from fire-ravaged San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission get their day at Dodger Stadium

first_imgThere is only one request these young mothers make as they step off a charter bus with no air conditioning on a day when the temperatures hit 100 in Los Angeles.Please, don’t use their last name.You don’t ask why because you already know the answer. For some, it’s to avoid the stigma that comes with homelessness — as if it were in their power to simply wave a wand an end it by taking a decent paying job that isn’t there for them.Others have dropped off the radar in this city for their own safety. They’ve been physically or emotionally abused by men who promised to love and protect them. Maybe they meant it at the time, but then it all changed. And when it did these women took their kids and went into hiding with only the clothes they could stuff in a suitcase and enough cash for a few nights in a cheap motel.Whatever the reason, you respect it.“Where did you live before you came to the rescue mission?” I ask an 11-year-old boy named William as he arrives at Dodger Stadium late Wednesday afternoon for the night of his life.He looks down at the ground wondering if it’s OK to answer this man he does not know. His mother nods. It’s OK.“Motels and a shelter,” he whispers. “I liked this place the best because the people are nice.” This place — the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission in North Hollywood that burned to the ground shortly after midnight on May 3, forcing these moms and their kids reluctantly from the shadows into the spotlight.The fire started next door in a pallet yard and quickly spread to the rescue mission. The day before there had been an earthquake drill, and some of the moms thought this was another drill when their doors were flung open by a rescue staff worker yelling “Fire!”They could smell the smoke, though. This was real. The eight moms picked up their sleeping kids, one in each arm, and rushed outside only seconds before the dense smoke pouring into the rooms would have overwhelmed them in their beds.In the days that followed, some of these moms went before the TV cameras and talked to reporters about that night. A few last names were used, but it was overlooked because it was more important to these women to help the rescue mission that had helped them.Now, they both had to get back on their feet.Donations began to come in — and still are — to replenish a food pantry that feeds 30,000 people a year, replace all the equipment, furniture and appliances lost in the fire, and to start a rebuilding fund so more homeless moms and kids living in the shadows are given at least a modicum of normal life.The Dodgers, who have always had a strong community outreach program thanks to former owner Peter O’Malley, invited the kids and their moms to the game Wednesday night.What the children didn’t know is that they would be taken down on the field before the game and introduced to an applauding crowd. The kids looked around, a little surprised. They weren’t used to people clapping for them.William looked up into the stands and waved. He never saw Dodger pitching star Clayton Kershaw walking out of the dugout toward him.When you live in the shadows, and every night may be the last night in the bed you’re sleeping in, you hold close the little things the rest of us take for granted — like a blanket.The night his panicked mom woke William up and yanked him out of bed to safety, he was sleeping under a Dodger blanket given to him as a present at the first shelter he and his mom stayed in.“I loved that blanket,” he said. “But my mom said we couldn’t go back in and get it because it was too dangerous.”So, it burned, along with the rest of their meager possessions.And now he was standing on the first base foul line at Dodger Stadium, finally noticing the best pitcher in baseball walking toward him carrying a new Dodger blanket.Kershaw high-fived William before moving down the line to give a blanket to every child.The first thing William did when he got back to his new temporary home — a four-room duplex owned by the Rescue Mission in Northridge — was to spread that blanket out on his bed.“I wanted to cry,” William’s mom said. “He fell asleep with this big, beautiful smile on his face.”Dreaming dreams you want every kid to have. Happy ones. These children living in motels, shelters, and rescue missions have already had enough sad ones.An online donation effort for the San Fernando Rescue Mission is being held by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation through Monday, May 19. To donate, go online to donate directly to the mission call (818) 304-7593 or go online to McCarthy’s column runs on Friday. He can be reached at [email protected]center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more