Watch Bob Weir’s Full Performance With Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

first_imgJoe Russo’s Almost Dead played their two shows in California this weekend at House of Blues in San Diego and the Fox Theater in Oakland. During their Saturday night show, guitarist and songwriter Bob Weir showed up to see for himself what the buzz surrounding the band is all about. Joe Russo, Dave Dreiwitz, Marco Benevento, Tom Hamilton and Scott Metzger don’t just play Grateful Dead tunes, they reinvent them in a modern, enhanced way. So to see the two forces come together was a spectacular moment for fans.As the band went into their acoustic portion of the performance, which has become somewhat of a regular thing since their most recent Brooklyn Bowl run, Weir emerged after the opening “It Must Have Been The Roses” to contribute his guitar playing and vocals on Bob Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” Grateful Dead’s “Black Throated Wind,” Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” and Bobby’s “Cassidy.” You can watch the full performance below, courtesy of YouTube user TimeZonerTV:Joe Russo’s Almost Dead @ The Fox Theatre 11/12/16:Set 1 (8:00PM – 10:13PM)Jam ->Good Lovin’ (SM) ->Cumberland Blues (All) ->Help On The Way (TH) @ ->Slipknot! ->Music Never Stopped (SM)He’s Gone (TH) >The Wheel # (All) >Jackstraw $ (SM & TH)Acoustic Set ^ (No Set Break)Must Have Been The Roses % (TH)Hard Rain Is Gonna Fall + (BW)Black Throated Wind + (BW)When I Paint My Masterpiece + (BW)Cassidy + (BW) ->Let It Grow Jam + ->Cassidy + (BW)Set 2 (10:33PM – 11:59PM)King Solomon’s MarblesRow Jimmy (TH)Estimated Prophet (SM) ->Uncle John’s Band (All)Eyes Of The World && (TH) ->Jam *->Throwing Stones (SM) ->Deal Jam & ->Throwing Stones (SM) ->Hey Bulldog Jam ^ ->Throwing Stones (SM)E: One More Saturday Night (SM)@ – Proceeded by an emphatic “Shakedown Street” Tease# – With an “Head Over Heels” (Tears for Fears) Tease (MB)$ – During the jam before the final “We can share the women…” lyrics, the stage was transformed seamlessly for the acoustic set. MB’s piano was moved (while he was still playing it), a small kit for Joe rolled out on a riser, mics & stools were placed for SM, TH & BW.^ – All songs with MB on Upright Piano & Vocals, TH & SM on Acoustic Guitars & Vocals, DD on Upright Bass & JR on 3 piece kit – Kick, Snare & Hi Hat – & Vocals.% – Almost Dead only+ – With Bob Weir on Acoustic Guitar & Vocals as indicated&& – With a DD Bass Solo & an MB piano solo* – Contained elements of Throwing Stones& – First Time Played By Almost Dead^ – Beatles cover, first Time Played By Almost Dead as an instrumental. (The full song was played on 2016.07.02.)This was probably the longest show Almost Dead has played, at about 3:39.[Setlist via Joe Russo’s Almost Dead]last_img read more

Dickey Betts Announces ‘Ramblin’ Man: Live At The St. George Theatre’ Live Album/DVD

first_imgFormer Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts has revealed plans to release a new live album and DVD, Ramblin’ Man: The Dickey Betts Band Live at the St. George Theatre, due out on July 12th via BMG.Betts’ forthcoming live album and concert film document a 90-minute performance by the Dickey Betts Band at Staten Island, NY’s historic St. George Theatre from July 21st, 2018. Betts’ band includes his former Great Southern bandmates—son Duane Betts (guitar), Frankie Lombardi (drums, backup vocals), Mike Kach (keyboards and lead vocals) and Pedro Arevalo (bass)—as well as equally talented new additions Damon Fowler (lead/slide guitar and vocals) and Steve Camilleri (drums).Related: How The Peach Music Festival Continues To Keep The Allman Brothers Spirit Alive [Videos]The 2018 performance, which will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, CD and vinyl, features a number of Allman Brothers Band favorites, including a special “Midnight Rider” tribute to Gregg Allman featuring Gregg’s son Devon Allman on lead vocals. Later in the show, Dickey paid his respects to Gregg again with an electric take on “Whipping Post”.See the full tracklist for Betts’ forthcoming Ramblin’ Man: The Dickey Betts Band Live at the St. George Theatre release below.expanding more-text=”View Tracklist”]Ramblin’ Man: The Dickey Betts Band Live at the St. George Theatre Tracklist:1. “Hot ’Lanta”2. “Blue Sky”3. “Statesboro Blues”4. “Midnight Rider” with special guest Devon Allman5. “My Getaway”6. “Nothing You Can Do”7. “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”8. “Whipping Post”9. “Ramblin’ Man”10. “Jessica”[/expanding]last_img read more

Poe’s Perspective: The concussion issue is more than just a moral dilemma

first_imgThe concussion conversation will inevitably spell the end of football as the powerhouse of American sports, and it deserves a place in every aspect of football, including the festivities of Super Bowl weekend. But when looking toward the eventual downfall of the sport, it’s becoming increasingly naive to predict that purely emotional arguments will drive this demise. Instead, just follow the money — that’s what runs, and will ultimately end, the industry of football. Only two days after Los Angeles teachers finalized a deal to end a week-long strike for higher wages, it’s hard to imagine how public school districts will continue to rationalize the soaring costs of insuring their athletes while continuing to struggle to pay educators. Although the idea of high school in America without football might sound foreign, it could become a foregone conclusion as schools struggle to balance their budgets. As we head into Super Bowl mania, it’s hard to escape football in any aspect of life. Especially here in Los Angeles, where fans are enjoying the city’s first Super Bowl in decades only a few years after the Rams’ relocation. It seems like L.A. might just become a football city after all. But a separate story about the state of football has been brewing quietly on the sidelines, in the background of the past week’s show-stopping finishes and referee debates. Last week, an ESPN investigation revealed that the NFL is struggling to insure its players. Since the concussion conversation became mainstream, the main question gripping fans of the game has revolved around its timeline: How long does the sport have left? There are small ripples throughout the NFL, with a player or two leaving the sport to avoid brain trauma each year, and there are even larger effects at the youth level, where a pivot towards touch and flag football has been emphasized with hopes of preserving the game. Rising insurance premiums are already threatening the viability of programs at the youth, high school and even community college levels. Last year, the Maricopa County Community Colleges in Arizona completely cut their football programs because their insurance plans and overall liability were simply too expensive for the schools to justify keeping the program. But football can’t march on without insurance. This raises an argument that isn’t moral, but rather pragmatic. As concussions worsen, insurance will get more and more costly, and at a point, it will become completely impractical for any company to insure players. Why insure a franchise when every single one of its employees is guaranteed to sustain a life-altering brain injury? Why buy in when the risks are well-known, accepted and inevitable? But the idea that football could actually just disappear seems outlandish and outrageous. College and professional football are mainstays of the American economy and lifestyle. Too many people wear jerseys, buy tickets and plan their weekends around their teams, right? Concussions are a frightening, gruesome challenge, but it simply doesn’t seem as if anything is quite big enough to topple America’s game.center_img That’s true, to a degree. No moral indignation will ever be strong enough to upend football — not over race or sexism, domestic violence or head trauma. As much as I, or any sportswriter, might belabor the point, there’s always the understanding that enough will never be enough. It won’t even matter if — or, more likely, when — a player is paralyzed or killed on the field. Football will continue to march on, unencumbered by moral dilemma. And a decrease in the youth pipeline would spark the slow demise of football that many have predicted. Fewer players at the youth and high school levels will mean a smaller pool of both players and fans, as both athletic and non-athletic children are raised on basketball and baseball over the years rather than football. With fewer kids playing, fewer athletes and superfans will be bred, leaving the NFL weakened in the shadow of the already-booming NBA. Only one insurance company — a subsidiary of American International Group — will continue to work with the NFL anymore, due to the massive demands of workers’ compensation in a sport that guarantees regular injuries. Due to its lack of options, the league is now at the mercy of this company, and can no longer offer general liability insurance that will cover neurological damage for its athletes. This means that an NFL player who is sidelined with a traumatic brain injury will not receive any type of insurance as he recovers. This stark reality reflects the practical, business-minded underbelly of this crisis — concussions are just too damn expensive. As the insurance and legal industries continue to come to grips with this realization, football will begin to see the effects. It’s been widely accepted that football will fall at the youth level before it will diminish at the upper levels, where it has become a major industry. When it comes to this insurance dilemma, this pattern will certainly follow. Julia Poe is a senior writing about her personal connection to sports. Her column, “Poe’s Perspective,” runs weekly on Thursdays.last_img read more

Jamaicans attribute poor health to sugary drinks

first_imgA post-obesity-prevention campaign survey has found that most Jamaicans attribute their poor health to sugary drink consumption.Ongoing talks with drink manufacturersHealth Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton speaking at the release of the ‘Are You Drinking Yourself Sick?’ survey results, said discussions have already started with manufacturers with who distribute drinks to schools about the steps to be taken to reduce the sugar content before the implementation of the new policy in January 2019.According to the survey, seven out of 10 Jamaicans attributed negative health impact to sugary-drink consumption and that approximately eight out of 10 respondents were concerned about the effects of sugary drinks on their children’s health.Easy access to sugary drinks at schoolsThe survey found that there was also evidence indicating that children had easier access to sugary drinks at school, when compared to their homes or other places outside of their homes.The survey also found that approximately 54 per cent of respondents agreed that children had most sugary drinks at school with approximately 83 per cent of them strongly supported policies on the provision of healthy food and beverages in schools.Tax on sugary drinks supportedApproximately 71 per cent of Jamaicans interviewed support the imposition of a tax on sugary drinks with eight out of 10 persons agreeing that the tax revenue should be spent on programs that reduce obesity, especially among children.Warning labelsAt least 91 per cent of respondents agreed that there should be clear warning labels on the front of food and beverage packages to alert consumers when products are high in sugar, salt or fats.Tufton said manufacturers were key stakeholders that the government wants to see producing juices that are more fruit-based and healthy for children.“There are three months to go (before the policy is implemented in January). In the meantime, we have been having discussions with a number of the critical stakeholders, including manufacturers.“I think it’s important that the dialogue continue. I think its key for the behavioral change that we seek to include all concerned, because this campaign, this public advocacy, is not just about behavioral change for our children, our teachers, our vendors and our policymakers; it’s also about behavioral change for those who supply the goods that we would like to consume,” Tufton said. He  also said he is encouraging manufacturers to embrace the approach the Ministry of Health has been taking, as the goal is to reduce obesity and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) among children. “It is good business to say to your consuming public that we have a product that’s good for you, and frankly speaking, a drink that contains four times the daily recommended amount of sugar cannot be good for you.”last_img read more

Northeast Michigan residents asked to take COVID-19 poll

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisANN ARBOR, Mich. — An Ann Arbor-based nonprofit organization wants to hear what Northeast Michigan residents have to say about COVID–19 and the state’s response to the health crisis.Altarum is asking residents to participate in an online poll to express their concerns and provide those on the front lines with useful data on how Michigan residents are responding to the pandemic.“We really need data to understand the public’s understanding of protective measures and where there are gaps in that knowledge. We can’t change behavior without knowing what behavior people are engaging in and why,” said Dan Armijo, chief operating officer of Altarum.Armijo explained that 97-percent of Michigan residents believe social distancing is necessary.  Two out of three people across the state report that someone in their household it at high risk, he said.The survey is completely anonymous, keeping respondents identities private.To participate in the online survey, visit  AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisContinue ReadingPrevious First case of COVID-19 confirmed in Michigan’s 106th districtNext Alpena County launches task force to keep local businesses afloat amid coronavirus outbreaklast_img read more

NBA 2K21 release date, preorder price, cover athletes & more: A guide to everything you need to know

first_imgMORE: Some fans are angry about this “NBA 2K21” coverIn addition to that unusual element, “NBA 2K21” is also expected to be ready for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It’s unclear when exactly those next-gen consoles will arrive, but teasers of various games, including one for “NBA 2K21,” have generated plenty of hype.When will “NBA 2K21″ hit the market? Here’s everything you need to know about the world’s most popular basketball video game.NBA 2K21 release dateDate: Sept. 4, 2020″NBA 2K21” will be released Sept. 4, 2020, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is now available for preorder.As for “NBA 2K21” on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it’s safe to assume the release date will be later in the year when those consoles can be purchased.NBA 2K21 covers and editionsCurrent-gen edition: Trail Blazers guard Damian LillardThe five-time All-Star is the first Portland player to land on the cover of “NBA 2K.”Everything is Dame 🌐 Introducing our Cover Athlete for Current Gen @Dame_Lillard #NBA2K21Pre-orders begin July 2nd— NBA 2K21 (@NBA2K) June 30, 2020Next-gen edition: Pelicans forward Zion WilliamsonDespite playing in just 19 games prior to the NBA’s shutdown, Williamson finds himself on the cover of “NBA 2K” for next-gen consoles. He is the third New Orleans players to be featured on an “NBA 2K” cover (Chris Paul on “NBA 2K8” and Anthony Davis on “NBA 2K16”). While 2K Sports is preparing for the typical release of the latest game in its “NBA 2K” series, everything surrounding the title is far from normal.The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced the NBA to suspend play back in March, leading to an inevitable delay of both the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons. That means “NBA 2K21” will be available while the previous campaign is still in progress for the first time in the game’s history. The future is here 💪 @ZionWilliamson is our Cover Athlete for Next Gen #NBA2K21Pre-orders begin July 2nd— NBA 2K21 (@NBA2K) July 1, 2020Mamba Forever edition: Kobe BryantBryant was previously seen on the cover of “NBA 2K10” and the Legend edition of “NBA 2K17.” 8️⃣ Relentless. Driven. A true competitor. We celebrate Kobe Bryant as our Cover Athlete for the Current Gen Mamba Forever Edition 🐍 #NBA2K21— NBA 2K21 (@NBA2K) July 2, 20202️⃣4️⃣ Legend. Leader. Champion. We honor Kobe Bryant as our Cover Athlete for the Next Gen Mamba Forever Edition 💜💛 #NBA2K21— NBA 2K21 (@NBA2K) July 2, 2020NBA 2K21 priceSimilar to last year’s release of “NBA 2K,” prices vary depending on how much is offered in each tier. Standard edition cost (current-gen): $59.99Mamba Forever edition (current-gen): $99.99Standard edition (next-gen): $69.99Mamba Forever edition (next-gen): $99.99NBA 2K21 teaser trailerlast_img read more