Sony confirms 300MB featureunlocking day one update for PS4

first_imgSony has announced that there will be an update available as soon as you take your PS4 out of the box, and installing it will enable most of the cool features we’ve been hearing about so far.If you go to use your PS4 the day you purchase it without connecting to the Internet, you may find the console is missing more than a few of the features you were promised. The ability to play Blu-ray discs will be missing, as well as most of the features that require a network or Internet connection to use. For whatever reason, these features have been enabled at the last minute, and you’ll need to download a day one update from Sony in order to use them.System Software Update 1.50 is only 300MB, so the features that you’re gaining are already baked into the OS. The update is just enabling those features. Things like remote play, screenshots and recorded gameplay, and broadcasting or spectating gameplay are on the list of unlocks. Then we have logins for multiple simultaneous users, online multiplayer, and voice commands with facial recognition via the PlayStation Camera.Sony also explained in their update announcement that some already announced features will not be available even with the 1.50 update installed. The one example provided is “suspend/resume mode” for the console. There’s clearly more missing, however, and Sony claims they will explain more about those missing features in the near future.It’s not uncommon for consoles to include day one updates with last minute fixes, but Sony being so secretive about missing features from the console at launch is cause for concern.last_img read more